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Gaucín’s stunning views and spectacular location in the most southerly part of the Serranía de Ronda, on the road between Gibraltar and Ronda and bordering the Province of Cadiz, has made the village historically very significant. A number of relics dating from Roman times have been discovered but it was during the times of the Moorish occupation of the Iberian Peninsula that Gaucín really developed in importance. In 1485 the Christian armies re-took Gaucín although for a considerable time after that there continued to be skirmishes with the moors. During the War of Independence Gaucín fiercely resisted the invading French forces. Since the 18th century it became an important stop for travellers on the road to Ronda. The village gained even more fame when Prosper Merimee used Gaucín as the setting for a major part of his novel Carmen, although this was subsequently changed by Bizet in the opera. Today’s travellers still spend time in Gaucín to appreciate its beautiful location and surround countryside as well as its hospitality.


Situated at 600 metres above sea level, Gaucín enjoys a very pleasant climate for most of the year. Gentle breezes from the coast as well as it’s location on the southern slopes of the Serranía protect it from the cold north winds. Once can enjoy a peaceful walk through its streets where you will be able to see the local architecture, the village life and admire the wonderful views – a unique experience. Towards the east you will be able to see the unmistakable outline of the Sierra Bermejo where it joins the spectacular Sierra Crestallina – home to colonies of vultures which you can see every day drifting around the skies above Gaucín. 

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